Small Business Loan: Pharmaceutical

Total Loan: $300,000

Monthly Turnover: $1,333,333

Purpose: Acquisition



Specialising in compounded medications, this dedicated business has been assisting people’s health and well-being for 6 years. With an annual turnover of $16 million, they were ready to purchase a new practice.

The lenders took the time to understand their business and expansion plans. Recognising the urgency, they were approved for a $300,000 working capital loan, ensuring healthy cash flow and facilitating their expansion.

Funding was provided within an impressive 5 days.


Why Xpress Business Loans?

We understand business owners are passionate about their business which is why we look beyond just ticking boxes.

All our lender partners have an open-minded approach to credit and when assessing applications look for ways to approve deals, not decline them.

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