Managing business finances remains top of mind for business owners, but it can be complicated when you’re growing or planning to expand.

Here are 5 tips on optimising your business finances through a dedicated Business Account to streamline your work and improve financial management:

Quick Setup

Signing up for a Business Account can be done within 2-5 minutes. Some providers like the Prospa Business Account, provide a simple online application if you have just three requirements ready.

Mobile Accessibility

Download the app if your Business Account provider has one, and you’ll be able to access your business finances on-the-go and manage your income and expenses efficiently.

Automate Regular Payments

Turning on regular payments from a monthly or weekly chore is a quick win in saving time and effort in managing financial obligations.

Scheduled Review

Dedicate a specific day each fortnight or month to review your business finances to ensure you maintain a clear understanding of your financial position and identify areas of improvement.

Financing Options

With a solid overview of your financial position, consider exploring additional financing options that could support your business goals if needed.


Why Xpress Business Loans?

We understand business owners are passionate about their business which is why we look beyond just ticking boxes.

All our lender partners have an open-minded approach to credit and when assessing applications look for ways to approve deals, not decline them.

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